Supply Network Collaboration

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About Supply Network Collaboration

Boost supplier collaboration and efficiency to respond to market demands

Improvements in accuracy and velocity of your Supply Chain and provides global inventory, supply and demand visibility reducing the need for large inventory buffers while increasing inventory turnover and reduces administrative cost.

Enables higher customer service levels, reduces cost by eliminating need for manual data re-entry allowing for improved data accuracy and consolidation of data through one system.

Reduces operational costs by allowing for faster order to cash cycle and enabling exception based interaction, supplements structured collaboration with unstructured information and enables consolidation of multiple systems into a unified frontend for all supply chain partners.


Supplier Collaboration

  • Purchase Order Collaboration
  • Release Processing
  • Web-based Kanban
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Delivery Control Monitor
  • Dynamic Replenishment


Customer Collaboration

  • Demand Forecast Collaboration
  • Responsive Replenishment
  • Min/Max Replenishment
  • Rapid Deployment Solution