The automotive industry has had a long run of success based on its ability to seamlessly adapt to customer requirements in terms of technology and design. This has given rise to the highest levels of engineering being implemented in conjunction with technology that was futuristic and cutting-edge. As a part of this industry you are also a part of the change that this domain brings while new trends and discoveries are made in technology.

Key Challenges

  • Enhancing the effectiveness and optimization of Customer Relationship Management within the supply chain management.
  • Improving efficiency in operations.
  • Improving the effective optimization of dealer management.
  • Effectively optimizing the Quality Management functionality inside of the organization.
  • Efficient Trade Promotion Management in the global market.
  • Expanding revenue base and managing cost.


PTS3 will help you identify and realize your goals through

  • Enhanced service effectiveness.
  • Improved efficiency in operations.
  • Expansion of the revenue base for automotive enterprises while reigning in costs.
  • Quick, timely and guided implementation with industry best practices.
  • Self-Sustaining Business models.


PTS3 helps you

  • Lower TCO of your IT infrastructure, product development and operations.
  • Integrate and optimize your supply chain to augment responsiveness to market demand.
  • Achieve greater accuracy in demand and increase in inventory turns.
  • Reduce procurement lead times and increase work order on-time delivery.
  • Improve your pricing mechanisms.
  • Optimize your warranty costs.
  • Improve R&D effectiveness and reduce time-to-market for products.
  • Make informed decisions.